ENGFIRM Takes on Business Admin Apprentice

With our ever-growing workforce, we were looking to bring in someone new within our admin and accounts department.

With the amazing benefits hiring an apprentice presents to both the employee and our business, we have welcomed to the team Caitlin, our new business admin apprentice.

As a business administration apprentice, Caitlin will be helping to take care of our admin work including filling in information on our computer systems, dealing with our clients, note taking and ensuring that our administrative tasks are running smoothly. We are extremely happy that Caitlin has chosen to start her career journey with us and we look forward to helping her the best we can.

Hiring an apprentice is a great way to contribute toward the growth and learning of people at any point in their career. Thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced team, we are able to train them in the specifics of our company, so they gain transferrable skills relating to how our organisation works. This also means that Caitlin gets to learn whilst on the job and earn a wage alongside her qualification.

At ENGFIRM, we believe in giving equal opportunities to people and are grateful to be contributing to Caitlin’s development.


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