There are very few industries where attention to detail and quality products can mean so much for so few. As a result, in the Aerospace sector, there can be no compromise.

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We’ve worked with a wide range of industry-leading clients. This is some of the great things they have to say about us!
"The services provided have generated a huge boost in revenue and streamlined our processes - thanks again!"
Nick Brown
Managing Director
"The services provided have generated a huge boost in revenue and streamlined our processes - thanks again!"
Hunter Engineering Company logo
Roger Gordon
Head of Sales
Hunter Engineering Company
"Many thanks to the team - you're provided a great service which has really improved our processes!"
Klamp logo
Hannah Richards
Head of Engineering
"We're hugely appreciative for the standard of work delivered - we'd highly recommend this company!"
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James Smith
Managing Director
DLR Group


We’re skilled in a multitude of technical fields. This is how we’re accredited.
The British Safety Council logo
British Safety Council Member
British Safety Council
Certificate #: 12340987
British Safety Council is dedicated to making sure no-one is injured or made ill through their work. As a member, our role is to achieve the very highest Health and Safety standards required by law, to protect your bottom line our staff. We achieve this by teaching the right courses to the people who need them and conducting frequent, SMART audits..
The OHSAS symbol
ISO 18001:2015
International Organisation for Standardisation
Certificate #: 12340987
The ISO 14001 concentrates on managing a company's external environment for regulatory compliance and reduced pollution. In contrast, the OHSAS 18001 strives to ensure safety internally in the workplace by getting both workers and management involved in risk reduction.